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28.01.2012, 03:37
Kennel Gazette

The flagship publication of the Kennel Club, the Kennel Gazette keeps you abreast of developments within the canine world every month. It’s your essential guide to what’s happening in the world of dogs today. From the most ardent canine fan to the newcomer in the world of canine activities – there is something for everyone in this colourful publication.
Kennel Gazette Online
We are now putting an edited online version of the Kennel Gazette on the website for your convenience (see links below). The pages will appear just as they do in the printed version, with readers able to turn the ‘virtual’ page with a click of the mouse. A zoom function is available to allow you to read the articles in the size of print which suits you best. Sections available in the online version include Newshound, bringing you all the latest news from the Kennel Club, and From Clarges St. To continue to enjoy the full Kennel Gazette experience and to read key columns such as From the Chairman and Viewpoint, then the print version will continue to be the first place to turn to every month.

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