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Предложение | 19.02.2012, 18:11
Великобритания http://u.to/3D-rAQ
English Cocker Spaniel (Studio) 2012 calendar with 13 wonderful English Cocker Spaniel images. This Calendar can be used from September 2011 onwards. Features 13 full colour images: 1 per month January - December 2012. First page September - December 2011. The perfect gift for English Cocker Spaniel lovers.

Each Calendar measures approximately 12"x12" Closed and 24"x12" Open

These dog calendars are always very popular and with such a lot to choose from we do our best to keep at least one of each in stock. It is not always easy to predict which breeds will be most in demand, so this year we have therefore decided to do a fortnightly re-order where possible for any Calendars requested that may be sold out during that time
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